Sunday, October 29, 2006

Barack Obama

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I've read Barack Obama's book and I think he is a very interesting and valuable man. Who knows, someday he might make a truly fine president, but I think that, for the moment, he is much too inexperienced for the job.

We would go from having a bad human being, a dumb man, an unqualified president to having a brilliant, possibly good human being and also unqualified president. I think Barak Obama is too interesting and too valuable a national resource to be squandered frivolously... even as Al Gore's vice-president. In 10 or 15 years he might be great. DS

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kelly said...

I just came back from visiting family in the States - Bush had been practically a hero to them in the past but now they spoke of him in the most hateful of tones. Interestingly and sadly they were thrilled with the prospect of a possible "Condi" run. "Once bitten, twice shy" just doesn't work anymore!