Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blown away... a tribute

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There are very few beautiful people in politics... Sarkozy and Bush are about par for the course... Benazir Bhutto was movie star beautiful... till the day she died.

People I have known, who knew her personally, have told me that she irradiated energy and intelligence... Beautiful, intelligent and energetic people are in short supply.

And she was bullfighter brave, as tough as a boot, as mean as a snake and, by most reliable reports, as crooked as a dog's hind leg. Oh well, like Joe E. Brown once said to Tony Curtis, "nobody's perfect".

She was a "dead woman walking" from the day she went back home. As far as I can see she was sent back to Pakistan and a sure death by Condoleezza Rice and George W. Bush, simply in order to try to save something of their post White House speaking careers.

Certainly as intelligent, energetic, brave and mean as she was she had no chance of ever bringing Pakistan under control. Maybe even the Pakistani Army is losing it. Tragedy is when you know something terrible is going to happen and can do nothing to stop it. Benazir Bhutto and Pakistan are tragic, perhaps America is too.

When the United States imported Wahhabi Islam into South Asia from Saudi Arabia, they sealed the fate of that region... and perhaps the fate of some American city
someday, God forbid. DS

Conspiracy theories abound over Benazir Bhutto slaying - Haaretz
Abstract: The most astounding aspect of Thursday's events is the negligence displayed by Bhutto's security detail. According to reports, the assassin managed to approach Bhutto and position himself within a short distance of her, before proceeding to shoot her and detonate the explosives with which he was strapped. Not only did the assassin want to cause maximum casualties, but he also hoped that authorities would later be unable to identify him and thus ascertain which organization he was working for. What makes the security failure all the more startling is the fact that it comes just weeks after the first assassination attempt following Bhutto's return to Pakistan from a lengthy political exile. In the attempt, suicide bombers killed 150 people, although Bhutto escaped unharmed. Under these circumstances, it was chiefly incumbent on her security guards to do all in their power to prevent direct access to her, even during the course of an election campaign in which a candidate seeks to come into contact with the public. One can make the claim - and some already have - that foreign agents of countries in conflict with Pakistan (re: India) orchestrated the assassination so as to create chaos and to create an image of a country that is unstable and unreliable. READ IT ALL

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mnuez said...

I can't understand why you're in love with Bhutto. She was about as corrupt a politician as could possibly be assembled. If she were a politician in any European democracy - or in America's for that matter - she'd be in jail for years and years and years. Insofar as her dictatorial, nepotistic, elitist and corrupt natures were concerned she was like Bush to the exponent of LBJ.

Yes, she may indeed have been the cleanest and kindest of Pakistan's politicians, but really, that's like calling saying that your favorite girl at the bordello is the most virginal of the whores. It isn't a very long measuring stick.