Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Give us a break!", they said. So I did.

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Studying the affairs of the world is to be reminded daily of Lord Acton's dictum that, "great men are bad men"... Earning one's bread and cheese by focusing on their struggles around the trough is a drain on the spirit.

Blessed be the happy entomologist, sprawled in the mire, devoting his life to studying the purposeful goings and comings of the dung beetle.

Nothing there that doesn't wash off with water.

Time for a pause. Sniff the flowers. Get a life.

Yesterday, the eleven year old son of a friend of mine, whose web page I was helping to put together, introduced me to the work of this Argentinian artist "Blublu", whom he considers extremely cool. The little man is right.

The piece I've inlined above is the most creative and imaginative animation I can think of. In less than seven minutes this grafitero uses up more ideas than most other artists have in years. Enjoy! DS


Richard said...

You slipped a bit - the video doesn't show up on your blog.

Then you slipped again:
shows that this 'graffitist' leaves the very same control symbols that Adobe Photoshop uses, when it's trying to draw curves.

- under his fore-arm, under his thigh, and across his lower back.

They're good drawings, with the right sentiments, but hey are noit graffiti.



David Seaton's Newslinks said...

I have been checking on other people's computers and the video opens up fine in my blog. Maybe there is some problem with your Flash Player... whatever.

Blublu is a graffiti artist as you will see if you visit his blog, however "Motu" is obviously done using Photoshop layers over photographs. I think the guy is world class.