Thursday, November 06, 2008

The great paradox

"Forty-eight per cent of Americans did not feel the hand of history on their shoulders on Tuesday, in spite of everything." Martin Kettle - Guardian
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The great paradox surrounding Barack Obama's victory is that it would have been impossible without George W. Bush. Probably no other president in US history has been as "transformational" as Bush has.

The question that hangs over us now is whether Bush himself is the agent of this ghastly transformation, or merely history's delivery boy who has only handed over the package and stands after we have signed for it and have taken delivery... hoping for a tip.

I would lean toward a synthesis: if the chickens were straggling home to roost, Bush gave the hitchhiking chickens a lift in his SUV.

Most of us who have been little boys at one time or another remember that it is much easier to take apart a toy than to reassemble it without any pieces left over. That is now the task of the Democrats.

Right now we are enjoying the after glow, but from here on out I'm afraid it's all going to be "quod omne animal post coitum est triste". DS

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