Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Night of the Living Un-Bush

...with Barack Obama, the man is the message. Mr Obama inspires not because of anything he says, but because of who he is. (...) People know that Mr Obama looks nice and speaks well, that he is black, that he opposed the Iraq war and that he believes in dialogue. They know, above all, that he is not President Bush. Gideon Rachman - Financial Times
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Symbols are of great value in troubled times.

In Spanish villages during long droughts, ancient images of the Virgin Mary believed to have miraculous powers are traditionally taken out of their alters in the churches and carried around the villages and their surrounding fields in a slowly swaying, majestic, incense-fumigated, procession: all in the hope it will rain.

The invoking of one Romanesque Virgin from the northern province of Asturias, in particular,
"Our Lady of the Cave" (la virgen de la cueva), is considered especially effective. Every Spanish schoolchild knows the song, "Qué llueva, qué llueva! La virgen de la cueva".

Our Lady of the Cave is aided in her beneficent labors by the fact that Asturias is one of the rainiest regions in the entire Iberian Peninsula.

Today, we have inaugurated the Presidency of Barack Obama and the whole world, not just America, is waiting for it to rain. DS


RC said...

Short, but well said. And may it rain soon. Although the market didn't seem too convinced today.

Anonymous said...

I've liked the last couple of articles. Especially the Catholic theme.

If Obama is competent then things could be okay. Just as long as they wait to build statues to him until after he leaves office. Then we wont look like pagan Rome.

Adam Cook