Wednesday, April 01, 2009

G-20 and the Jade Goody Super Power

As her performance on Big Brother made clear, her years of formal education had left Jade Goody with little knowledge. She thought that a ferret was a bird and abscess a green French drink; that Pistachio painted the Mona Lisa; that Sherlock Holmes invented the flush lavatory; that East Anglia ("East Angular" in Jade-speak) was abroad; and that Rio de Janeiro was "a bloke, innit?" Telegraph Obituary
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To compare America's decline on view in London this week to the recent death watch of British reality television star Jade Goody is in bad taste and unfair... especially to the late Ms. Goody, whose losing and obscenely public battle with cancer was filled with a blithe pathos, cheerful fortitude and dignity that turned her from being simply a motormouth, 'poor cow' from hell, into some sort of patron saint of the tacky and underprivileged.

It's in poor taste to make the comparison, but Jade was all about poor taste, ignorance and huge sums of money paid for absolutely nothing and so, alas, very sadly for all concerned, is today's America.

Would we could go out with her class. DS


bailey alexander said...

At first I was sort of offended at your post, then I laughed, which was the right order I WAS obscenely awful to watch online everyday, didn't read the articles, but from start to finish everything about her journey was so peculiarly awful.
I'm sorta with the protesters also, ONE CURRENCY ONE COUNTRY ONE WORLD, this would, at the very least, give the politicians less power.

David Seaton's Newslinks said...

Jade Goody's case first nauseated me and finally made me very sad, I noticed the same progression in observing America's trajectory. What connected them for me was the sadness finally overwhelming the contempt without erasing or replacing the contempt.

It has come to the point that I am handling so much of this information and talking to so many people that have qualified opinions and finding that nobody really has a handle on the situation, that I have come to feel that only allegory and poetic metaphors can truly describe what is happening. That is why I have been drawn to the passion of Jade Goody... it seemed to resonate as a metaphor. The idiotic and greedy financial sector, the endless, pointless wars, the entertainment industry, the exhibitionism... all cheerfully collapsing and bald.

Frivolous unto death.

bailey alexander said...


...'without replacing the contempt', adroitly nailed.

I've never watched a reality show, but I get it, for so many of these media types, they aren't living, or dying, in her case, unless someone else is making them relevant. And being a 'Chav, it was all about the money and proving themselves worthy of the celebrity class if not the upper class.

Perhaps we could best practice our vanity by gazing upon our shallow gene pool...

Forensic Economist said...

I see the Economist gave Jane Goody their weekly obituary column.

On the decline of western civilization - a bon mot I heard from Travis T. Hipp regarding America:

"What we are watching is the Romans turning into the Italians."