Thursday, May 07, 2009

Playing show and tell

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My wife and I bought a "HandyCam" the other day to use putting live footage into some animations of her work that we are planning to do.

Anyway, I'm just testing the camera, learning how to work it. So this morning I set it up on a tripod in my wife's studio where the morning light is very beautiful, thinking to film the walls with the paintings hanging there for use as cut away shots later. On impulse, I turned it on and sat down in front of it. I had nothing prepared to talk about, so I began to natter on about the stuff I've been writing about the last few days.

A couple of years ago I did quite a lot of radio, and it turned out pretty well, so I thought "lets see how I look on TV". I'm amazed at how many tics I have: wiping my nose and scratching my ears and so on. Also my lady says that I look fierce and tragic as if somebody had "stolen my Social Security check "(that's a sample of Berliner humor BTW).

I'm happier with it toward the end when I loosened up a bit more. I'm hanging it here in the hopes of getting some (sigh) "constructive" criticism. Oh well. DS


Anansi said...

Hey, not bad. All sensible comments. Nice to put a face to the writing.

bailey alexander said...

Hey David, I think you look just great. Interesting way to explain away much, u sound lucid, covered lotsa topics.

I would highly recommend doing it again, focusing on what you will, as you wish.

Anonymous said...

Lol nice post Dave, don't worry you don't look so terrible. Just a bit serious and tense... you should try telling the story of the guy in the Pacific and the fly papers instead(o:


oldfatherwilliam said...

Thank you for that, and my sentiments exactly. Hoping for a complete repudiation of everything Bushlike and even Reaganlike is clearly too much, but perhaps the system will at minimum grant us healthcare.

Anonymous said...


Please do this more often. Better than the opinion pages in our "newspapers"