Sunday, July 19, 2009

Obama's "OK Corral" moment

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday he had been "surprised" by a recent U.S. demand that Israel halt a construction project in a Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem. (...)" In my conversation with Obama in Washington, I told him that I could not accept any limitations on our sovereignty in Jerusalem. Haaretz

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said the US demand was "odd." Jerusalem Post
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I wonder how this is going to play out?

How will AIPAC organize to soften up Obama?

What weak point will they discover to break him down?

What I don't see them doing is bending their stiff necks.

The personal power of the individual men and women that make up AIPAC, in dozens of areas that have nothing to do with Israel, will be deflated if they don't prove to Obama, and everybody else, that they are stronger than he is.

This is his "Gunfight at the OK Corral" moment.

Certainly if Obama goes this far, touching Jerusalem -- which is the Gordian knot, if there ever was one -- and then backs down, he is toast.

Because if the President of the United States puts the prestige of his office on one side of the scale and the the lobby of a foreign power on the other side of the scale and the lobby wins, then the USA with all its power is proven to be nothing more than a glorified Golem or a Shabbes goy and everybody, friend and foe, will despise him... That is why no president since Eisenhower has had the nads to try anything like this.

If Obama doesn't climb down, if he can convince Congress to, for example, suspend aid to Israel till it complies with US demands, than it will be like air leaving a balloon, like sunshine for Dracula, ding, dong the witch is dead.

Frankly, I think that AIPAC will find some way of letting the air out of Obama's balloon.

If he pulls it off and lives to tell the tale, he instantly become a great president, but, I much hope that, by Obama's tilting at Middle Eastern windmills, the American people don't finally end up without, for example, health care...

I don't think anybody in the Middle East is worth that much to the American people. DS


oldfatherwilliam said...

Huh? Hope you lost some word from that penult paragraph. Granting that, I'd agree that he's nudging the true third rail. Too many balls in the air, too much provocation too soon, sheesh.

Ralph said...

Well, the Zionists were able to let the air of Rabin's balloon, weren't they? Given the situation in the States, however, I don't think they'll use one of their own to do the job. God knows there's enough useful fools out there in the American heartland.

Slice said...

I don't think Israel is taking too kindly to Obama telling them they can't build on their own land.

Ralph said...

"Their own land" yeah -- they stole it from the Palestinians (remember the early Zionist rhetoric, "a land without a people for a people without a land"? we all know how bogus that was!) For that matter, where do you think much of the USG assistance over the past 40 years has gone? It's been used for more than nukes & tearing out Arab olive groves. Well, lebensraum didn't work last time, did it?

Stephanie said...

Bush Mark One did make credible sounding threats regarding the settlements and Israel’s loan guarantees. Had his poll numbers remained high he might have made good on those threats, but he backed down as they sank and his re-election began to appear to be seriously in doubt. His portion of the Jewish vote in 1988 was realtively small and in 1992 it was a lot smaller - he lost at least ten points, I believe.

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