Friday, January 21, 2011

Too bad Obama can't talk like Ricky Gervais

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I wasn't really paying attention, but I read that there was this big hoohah about Ricky Gervais presentation of the 2011 Golden Globe awards, so out of idle curiosity I dialed it up on YouTube. I was ravished.

It was wonderful. All these fat egos of today's overbloated, more than mediocre Hollywood, sitting there, waiting to be worshiped, and Gervais just flailed them alive. Delicious! Reality invaded the Winter Palace like the Red Death in Poe's story.

Everything about it was perfect, beginning with Gervais's working class English accent, just made for taking the mickey out of a troop of jackasses... Wonderfully "inappropriate behavior".  The entire absurdity of  our star worship stripped naked. Perfectly savage!

When I was a young fellow, I went to school in England and I remember what a revelation it was for me how uncompromising and wildly funny their sense of humor was. Gervais brought it all back and what was best of all for me was the shocked reaction of all these princesses and princes of self-love.

I couldn't help thinking how great it would be if Obama could talk like that to the Republicans and the Tea Party. Perhaps that would be the only way to restore sanity to the Republic. Jon Stewart is much too tame.DS


bailey said...

Lovely funny stuff, had read about the remarks but watching it, even better. Thanks god I don't have tele, uk or us...but this was nice, wannit.

Just listened to Gervais on Desert Island Disc podcast. He's gentle, humble and so steady...

David Seaton's Newslinks said...

Here is a nice piece: Ricky Gervais Should Host Everything

Anonymous said...

I thought the comment about the president of the HFPA being "helped off the toilet" went too far -- but then again I can not bear any type of "toilet" humor.

Atlanta Roofing said...

There is no victimless comedy! It is not possible to get people laughing without someone getting the short end of it. whether its physically as in slapstick or intellectu­ally as in observatio­nal humor, comedy needs a victim to elicit laughs. Someone has to get hurt or look stupid. Kudos to Gervais for picking victims who all too often are sacred cows.