Monday, April 18, 2011

"A Hard Day's Night" remembered

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I saw this film one sultry, summer night in Dalton Georgia, of all places, and two days later I joined a crowd of university students that were playing and singing the songs from the film in Washington Square in New York. Not long after that I saw the Beatles perform the same songs in the surrealistic atmosphere of Madrid's bullring... with Franco's police liberally using billy clubs on any overenthusiastic fans. That sequence of events was real globalization, with no Facebook or Twitter required.

I don't think such a joyous worldwide mania as that one could possibly happen today, if for no other reason than today's market is too "segmented". 

I saw this clip on the New Yorker online and thought I would bring it to the attention of those too young to remember that magic moment and those strangely innocent times. DS

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oldfatherwilliam said...

Was too old to be that innocent, they didn't get my attention until sgt. pepper. Obama almost inspired worldwide jubilation--seems long ago and far away now, no? Also, never imagined I'd feel this level of affection for Lyndon Johnson, but looking back--