Monday, October 17, 2011

The Iranian assasination affair

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I just want to add my small voice to the chorus of commentators who find the idea of Iran running the risk of a full scale war with the US in order to kill a Saudi ambassador in Washington absurd... it just doesn't make any sense. And even if the Iranians were going to do something that crazy, I don't think they would ever entrust the mission to a hamburger like Mansour Arbabsiar.
I can think of several parties that might want to use a "false flag" to start a war between the USA and Iran:
  • Elements within the US establishment itself (hopefully rogue).
  • The Israeli right wing and their mariachis. (to take the world's attention off the Palestinian problem).
  • The Saudis themselves, who are directly threatened by Iran both in Bahrain and in Saudi Arabia's  Shiite-packed, oil-rich eastern province.
  • (Total dark horse) China, who have been eating America's lunch while the has USA chased all over the Islamic world with a butterfly net. With the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan winding down, the USA, who must have an enemy to justify its swollen military-industrial complex, might turn its military attention to China, where it was before 9-11. Let the good times roll.
Whoever it might be... It can't be Iran. DS

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