Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Globalization: fun and games

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Open "Google Translate" and set the translation to English to Chinese (traditional), then write in the word "jokes", which will produce the Chinese ideogram 笑話, then paste that into Google-Google and it will produce the  following search results (click here). 
Choose one of the pages at random and press the "translate this page" link. I chose this one (click here).
Here is a sample Chinese joke:
A family of three sisters also married, while back home after the honeymoon
Whisper them in their bedroom with her ​​mother and asked her how they felt the first night.

Embarrassed to talk about her public
I saw a magazine on the table, said Sister turn to air ads like this
Civil Aviation Advertising: out of thousands of times, happy as an immortal

Then turn to cigarette advertising sister
It read: one in hand, food for thought

Then turn to a sister family of soy sauce ad
Read: bit mellow, delicious

Finally, the three sisters have to tell her mother arguing with her ​​own feeling
Mother not to turn up a chocolate ad
Says: just melt in the mouth, do not melt in the hand
I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.... Brave New World. DS

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