Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mohammed Merah, the monster of Toulouse

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The  question we must ask is; was Mohammed Merah really a trained terrorist or simply a nut?
We know practically nothing about Mohammed Merah. As far as we can see he acted totally alone, with only a handgun: nothing complicated like explosives was involved.
Right now, Merah's whole modus operandi is identical to that of the typical American shooting spree, only dressed up in jihadi rhetoric.
He said that he is affiliated with Al Qaeda, but, this could be the simple grandiosity of a nutcase, because, so far, Al Qaeda has not claimed him as their own. As far as we know, this entire affair could easily be only the fevered percolations of a diseased mind.
I think that all these questions should be answered before we attach any more significance to this than the tragedy of the victims themselves.
I am still waiting for some sort of communique from Al Qaeda to make this "official". Certainly killing the paratroopers of magrebi origin muddies the ordinary "antisemitic" narrative.
When I say that, I am not trying to minimize the monstrosity of murdering children in cold blood... However in this particular ongoing battle between Muslims and Jews, many children have been killed on both sides, and all of them, Arab and Jew alike were Semites and I think it would be obscene to say that one group's children's lives are more to be valued than the other group's. DS

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