Thursday, August 16, 2012

Political poetry... what is it?

I have been indulging in verse and wondering whether there is a role in the USA for political poetry as there is in South America or in parts of Europe... So I asked myself what a poet is, and this is what I came up with.
What is a poet?
Master of the liar's art
One who has walked the fog into a bottle
And made therein the prissy wasp to sip
And the milk toothed serpent drown.
One warm as a virgin's blood,
Cold as a tart's heart,
Brave as a rodeo clown
Hard rimming hope in flood
To make it drip
Its finite globules, like the rendered fat
That smokes and sizzles
On the burning ghat
A flower's breath turns into a pigeon's eye
Or to
A loaf of bread
The living mingle with the dead
And dance together on the heads of pins
As angels do
That ought to get it. DS

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