Monday, December 17, 2012

The Sandy Hook school massacre

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I have little to add to everything written about this horrible massacre. I find myself especially moved by the heroism of the school teachers that died trying to protect the children in their care. There should be a statue of them in Washington and a wreath laid at its base on every anniversary of their sacrifice, perhaps a national holiday should be declared in their honor and in the honor of all the men and women who teach children.
When you think of what those teachers take home pay was and what the chairman of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein's take home pay is and the respective value of what they do or did and that such different human beings can inhabit the same country, you have all the hope and despair of America in one package.
With all the pressure of public opinion, will anything be done to regulate firearms now?
The good news is that there is going to be gun control legislation, the bad news is that the gun lobby will only allow restrictions for "crazy" people. People will think that makes sense as all these massacres have been perpetrated by people with mental health issues.
That will be the only compromise possible with the powerful NRA and Democrats in Congress will think that getting that would be better than nothing.
That will of necessity mean some sort of standard test as to who is nuts and who is not, just like who is blind and who is deaf in order to get a driver's license, but nationwide.
This will entail a very objective measurement of what is sane and what isn't, something that in a democracy is quite a slippery slope.
Since the US Constitution in its Second Amendment still guarantees the citizens the "right to bear arms", those who don't pass the standard sanity test (don't have any friends, talk to themselves etc) will become officially second class citizens. This then will mean that owning guns will be automatic proof that officially you are not crazy and then everybody will not only want to own a gun, anybody who doesn't do an "open carry" will appear an oddball.
Result: more people owning and carrying guns... you'd be crazy not to. DS


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"Crazy" person: .

stunted said...

1) More guns is what's needed; then the disturbed individual with the rage to kill will be cut down after getting off just a few rounds. All schoolchildren, all students must be armed. No theatre entry without a gun. No admission to places of worship without a firearm. No attendance of political rallies without possession of a fully armed weapon, preferably with an automatic clip. Basically, no American should be able to leave his or her residence without a sidearm or better. If we make it difficult to procure guns, only bad people will have them.

2) All women must leave the workforce and do their God-given duty of raising their own kids at home and devoting all attention to them, thereby removing the possibility of unloved children lashing out at others that mothers might show an interest in.

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