Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Obama's war - II: Putin toys with Obama

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Vladimir PutinWhat I think distinguishes Obama from all the presidents in my lifetime, (I’m 69) is his lack of any previous experience of leadership.
Even lackluster performers such as Bush II and Carter had been governors of important states. Ronald Reagan had been two term governor of America’s most complex and important state. Even JFK, who time has proved to have been quite mediocre, had been in the Senate much longer than Obama… And Eisenhower? And Nixon And Johnson? Massive experience.
Obama had never even led a boyscout troop before entering the White House.
I think Putin, who, as to experience, is an ex-colonel of the KGB, f’crissake, is playing him like a fish. I think that this is the key to the story…

I believe that there is a direct connection between the timing of Snowden’s revelations, (which are alienating allied public opinion) and the Syrian crisis and the object of all of it is to hamstring and degrade American influence for the next two years at least.
Why? Because the Russians won’t tolerate being ruled from Washington. That simple. DS


Anonymous said...

"Well" (to quote Raygun), he's led US down the burning Bush path.

Publius said...

Nor should they!
There is something to be said for having an "enemy" who is clever enough, and powerful enough, to keep you "honest."

I think there is something more going on: Putin seems to actually care about the fate of his nation. Obama, and both sides of the one-party state, do not care at all about the fate of the vast majority of their fellow serfs... er, citizens. They are focused on exploiting the debt-slaves, and destroying the nation (and the planet) via hardcore, exploitative globalization (e.g. global fascism).

Putin may be no saint, but he seems to actually stand up for Russian industry, interests, and values (yes, anti-gay laws and all).