Sunday, April 05, 2015

Iran agreement and the Middle East

If you find the Middle East utterly baffling at this moment it shows that common sense has not abandoned you.

Trying to make sense of all that is happening these days in what Yasir Arafat called "Terra Sancta", puts you in a position rather like that of the French policemen scraping up all the tiny pieces of human beings spattered and scattered on Alpine slopes: because nothing will ever be the same in the Middle East after George W. Bush locked himself in the cockpit of America's foreign policy and crashed it into Iraq and then topped it off with a worldwide economic destabilization. 

The big difference being that Dubya, unlike Lubitz, can sit back home in Texas and admire his handy work.

A few years from now it will be possible to sort out the fallen debris of these catastrophes, keeping the vultures at bay and separating the DNA from the gum wrappers, but right now all we can really do is observe carefully and take names. DS

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