Thursday, November 05, 2015

The Russians are much too quiet...

Raqqa province: Welcome to ISIS’ capital
ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) increased its grip on "Wilayat al-Raqqa", the capital of the Islamic State. It is setting the foundation of its rule through courts, resolving disputes between civilians, and social committees serving the "Muslims" inside the borders of the province. This is in addition to using an iron fist policy against anyone daring to "destabilize the security of the Islamic State." Al-Akhbar
I just want my readers to take note that if the Russian plane filled with innocent civilians was in fact brought down by ISIS, this would be the first time that a terrorist group, which claims to be a state, and actually holds territory in the manner of a state, therefore has an "address", has attacked the unarmed civilians of a nuclear power. 

The Russian are very quiet, not saying much of anything... What will they do?  Nothing? Hardly likely. Send in troops? That would be obviously what Daesh wants them to do? A few pinprick bombings? That would not make much of an impression.

I think Putin would like to convince ISIS's leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his followers, that he, Putin,when provoked can be much more of beast than the "caliph" is. This bombing could be the perfect opportunity for Putin to send such a message.

As I say, this is the first time that the civilians of a nuclear power have been killed en masse by an organization which is not "shadowy", but holds territory and refers to itself as a state. We have moved into new era... and the Russians are much too quiet. DS

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david johnson said...

yeah, very interesting development. If ISIS did indeed bring down that plane, they will live (or maybe not live) to regret it. I'm not a big Putin fan in any way but he is no pussycat.