Monday, January 30, 2017

The Night of the Living Trump

Trump’s approval ratings are lower than those of any new U.S. president in the history of polling: Just 36 percent of Americans are pleased with his performance so far. Some 80 percent of British citizens think Trump will make a “bad president,” along with 77 percent of those polled in France and 78 percent in Germany. And that’s just week one.  Tom Malinowski - Foreign Policy
 The USA is just a little over 240 years old and 240 years is time enough for anything to happen.

And so now, after all these years, the White House of Washington is finally occupied by someone who is mentally ill, seriously mentally ill. Bat-shit crazy, in fact.

This takes some getting used to.

I have held off writing about this until now because the situation appears to me much too numbingly, depressingly, chaotic to really analyze... yet.

For me the most significant thing in this Night of the Living Trump, is the world-wide horror, depression and confusion it is producing.

And the most encouraging thing is the galvanization of what appears to be a "new" left in America, (and much of the rest of the world it would appear) that is no longer so concerned about who can use what bathroom, but more tuned into saving the country and perhaps the entire world from an evil maniac.

So in the weeks and months to come, I will leave trying to analyze what this malignant narcissist does and concentrate my modest efforts on recording and examining what America and the world comes up with to wriggle out of his tiny-handed grip. DS

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