Monday, January 15, 2007

Russian oil and technicians, key to Iran/Israel conflict

"Israel cannot play Russian roulette and attack Iran, because its nuclear facilities are inhabited by Russian technicians, and Israel imports 60% of its oil from Russia. Because Israel has limited fossil fuels, its energy supply from Russia is of extreme importance for the functioning of its economy. Therefore, Ahmadinejad holds the trump card, while his chief ally, Russian kingpin Vladimir Putin controls most of Israel’s oil supply, and can bring the Israeli economy to its knees." - Global Money Trends
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Much depends on the accuracy of the information above. If Russian technicians are in residence at Iran's nuclear facilities and if Russia supplies 60% of Israel's oil, then any talk of an Israeli attack on those facilities (with or without nukes) is a bluff. If we add to that the growing sensation that Bush's "surge" in Iraq is also a bluff (too little, too late); then it would appear that Bush and Olmert are just "playing out the clock", hoping to hand over the whole mess to their successors. Only a withdrawal of the Russian technicians would indicate that the war option was seriously on the table. DS

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