Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Iraq: hard questions

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Is the descent into civil war and anarchy in Iraq, and the Sunni/Shiite split that is developing there, really what was planned in the first place? Is this conflict, which may soon engulf the world's entire Islamic community, the real objective of the invasion of Iraq? As the disaster unfolds, we can see that Iraq with its mixture of oil and ethnic tensions, which was artificially cobbled together at the end of WWI, is a center of gravity of the Middle East and by extension much of the Muslim universe. By destroying the Iraqi state apparatus, have the props been knocked out from underneath the entire jerry-built edifice that the British and French constructed from the remains of the Ottoman empire? Were the doubts that kept George H.W. Bush, James Baker and Brent Snowcroft from pushing on to Baghdad in the First Gulf War, precisely the germ of the strategy for the present conflict? In other words: is what, up till now, has appeared to be only the effects of colossal ignorance, stupidity and poor organization, in fact a deliberate strategy of breathtaking cruelty and malice? Have the neocons, with their links to the Israeli ultra-right, maneuvered the United States into provoking a worldwide civil war among Muslims? DS


kelly said...

Although it would make for a more logical strategy, I just can't imagine the neo-cons as being that clever - yes they are clever and yes shrewd, but not clever enough when it comes to the Middle East and when it comes to understanding the inner workings of Islam. And wouldn't they want at least partial credit for having orchestrated this chaos as a victory in the "war on terror"? Either way, their stupidity or their genius, is equally destructive.

Anonymous said...

David, you are way behind the plan:

New borders of the middle east will "reflect the natural ties of blood and faith". Pure Neo-Nazism!