Monday, February 05, 2007

Hillary and the dogs of war

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Now, if you read this article from last week's, The Forward you will understand immediately why despite all the best advice of civilian and military experts the future war with Iran is still very much on the cards. And if you read the aforementioned article and you still think Hillary Clinton's your favorite for the presidency of the United States of America and the commander and chief of its mastodontic armed forces, that is to say, "the decider", well... (words fail).

Facing such an organized campaign to take the country to war, seeing the class of spineless, careerist politicians that are pushing themselves forward to "lead" us all and how they prostitute their votes, what can be done?

The answer is in an article in this week's Forward (here is the link). Here is a short quote:
While Jewish communal leaders focus most of their current lobbying efforts on pressing the United States to take a tough line against Iran and its nuclear program, some are privately voicing fears that they will be accused of driving America into a war with the regime in Tehran.
Jimmy Carter,Wesley Clark and professors Mearsheimer and Walt have with great risk and sacrifice, broken the taboo and made the Zionist Lobby's role in dragging the US into war, finally a topic of "polite" conversation and that is just what we have to do. Talk about it, politely... a lot. A lot, politely, but a lot. DS

Hillary the Favorite in Race for Jewish Donations - The Forward (hat to Phil Weiss)
Abstract: New York’s junior senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is expected to snare the lion’s share of the Jewish community’s substantial political donations in the race for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. Democratic activists and operatives said Clinton will pull in large quantities of cash among Jewish donors not only because of what they described as her strong positions on Israel and domestic matters of interest to Jews, but also because of longtime ties with these activists dating back to her husband’s administration.(...) The haul is important: Strategists say that serious candidates will need to raise at least $50 million — and probably more like $100 million — by the end of the year. They say that money from Jewish donors constitutes about half the donations given to national Democratic candidates (an extremely large pot of gelt long coveted by the GOP). Clinton will get most of the Jewish community’s money, “first, because she’s going to receive the lion’s share of all [Democratic] political money, and second, because she and her husband are enormously popular with the Jewish community,” said Democratic strategist Steve Rabinowitz, a Clinton supporter.(...) Among the top Jewish fundraisers who political hands expect to line up with Clinton’s campaign is New Jersey lawyer Lionel Kaplan, a former president of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee who raised money for the former first lady’s 2006 Senate race. Also expected to turn up in Clinton’s camp is Massachusetts businessman Steve Grossman, another former Aipac president who chaired the Democratic National Committee in the late 1990s. Grossman told the Forward that he’s “not formally committed,” but he added that “everyone knows I’m close to the Clintons.”
(there's lots more - READ IT ALL)

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