Sunday, July 29, 2007

A summer treat for the News Links faithful

Summer light in the Sierra de Guadarrama
David Seaton's News Links
On Wednesday, August first, God willing, I will start one of the month long European vacations that are the envy of the entire world. I'm not going very far, really, just to my weekend place in the Guadarrama mountains outside of Madrid, with no running water and only solar electricity, where I hope to read, sleep, think, write, walk in the woods and generally repair my mind, soul and body from reading, thinking and writing all year long about that evil fool, George W. Bush and all who sail in him. If all goes well, I shall be back, full of piss and vinegar at the end of August.

I began this blog in November of 2006 and according to my Google tracker in that time I've had 62,222 unique vistors who have spent an average of eight minutes on my site. I have no idea how good that is, but I am grateful for each and every visit and each and every second of their time.

My tracker(s) also show me that I have a "hard core" of readers that visit me on a daily basis from all over the world; and of course I am especially grateful to them for their kind attention and perseverance. Needless to say that the faithful attendance of that hardy band is the greatest motivator to continue in the effort of producing the News Links blog.

In appreciation, I would like to leave the readers of News Links a little gift to keep them busy till we meet again in September.

I got my start as a political commentator producing dossiers of articles for corporate clients and I continue to produce them. At the end of the year (for me the year ends in August) I produce several rather huge PDF collections of "must reads" for these corporate customers. One of these is called, "The Best of Season" and consists of approximately one article a week from September to July. These are articles that at the end of the season still look timely or even prophetic and should be read again or read with especial attention if the reader missed them the week they were recommended.

So to cut to the chase, I have uploaded this 78 page (8 point) dossier to the internet as a zipped PDF and invite you to download it and read it at your leisure. I'll be in town and online till midday Tuesday, so if there is any glitch or hitch in downloading or unzipping the file, please tell me right away.

This is the link

I hope you all have a wonderful August and I hope to see you all again in September. DS


anansi said...

Works fine and many thanks. I am one of the faithful and will miss your postings but that will make your return all the nicer.

kelly said...

Thanks David for this gift (downloaded w/no problem)...enjoy your vacation... looking forward to your "piss and vinegar" again soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks tons for the link. bonne hols.

Lydia said...

Have a good holiday. I am also one of your faithful, and shall keep you on my Favorites list even while you are away. See you in September, and I will keep my fingers crossed that Bush limits his wrecking ball to our Dept of Justice and the Iraq occupation during your vacation.