Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What a useless bunch

US Senate

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It wouldn't be correct to say that words are inadequate in describing the United States Senate's failure to do anything effective in bringing the war in Iraq to a close. Here for example is handy list from synonym. com:
Similarity of adj useless
2 senses of useless
Sense 1
useless (vs. useful)
=> cast-off(prenominal), discarded, junked, scrap (prenominal), waste
=> futile, ineffectual, otiose, unavailing
=> inutile, unprofitable
=> unserviceable, unusable, unuseable
Also See-> ineffective#1, uneffective#1, ineffectual
#2; unprofitable#1; unserviceable#1

Sense 2
=> unhelpful (vs. helpful)
In the words of the immortal Sam Cooke, ".... Hunh! ...reckon that ought to get it!" DS

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Anonymous said...

In japanese useless, good-for-nothing is "yakuza" ;)