Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hiding behind the charge of antisemitism

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Probably the most grotesque and malignant antisemitic fabrication of all time is the ancient, "Blood Libel", which briefly put, accuses the Jews of using the blood of Christian children to make Passover matzo. Of course it isn't true, but it is about the worst lie ever made up about the Jews. It is considered the height of antisemitic poison.

How does this grotesque falsehood compare with reality?

For many years the entire world has been watching Israeli soldiers shooting small boys who have been tossing rocks at them. The world doesn't approve. Those who protest loudly are labeled antisemitic.

How do a few nonexistent matzos compare with all those dead, little rock throwing Palestinian boys?

That is what Pipes and Dershowitz are trying to cover up when they hide behind the accusation of antisemitism. DS

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conefor4200 said...

i am afraid this post was just an exploitation of a tragic conflict.

i have expected much more from this writer. let me hope that there is hope.

unfortunately, the palestinian misery is not ending easily.

who are the guilty parties:

1. very poor palestinian leaders
2. lots of fake foreign leaders
3. lots of religious judgmental observers
4. bad and blind reporters

many good and decent people want to end the conflict.

and passionate peacemakers will win the battle.