Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Birds of a feather: meet Hillary's new best friend

Matt Drudge, Scumbag a tout faire

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Hillary Clinton makes Richard Nixon, up till now the phoniest politician I can think of, look like Abraham Lincoln.

This story of her teaming up with Matt Drudge would be considered over the top in any political satire.
This lady is a parody of herself.

Hypocrisy is easy to come by in any facet of public life, but Hillary's brand really stands out. What is so outstanding is that Hillary's hypocrisy is so transparent and spontaneous. Since transparency and spontaneity are antithetical to hypocrisy, Hillary Clinton can be said to be breaking new ground in phoniness.

Who knows, voters, aided by special interest groups, may yet use her to write a shining chapter in the tragicomedy that the 21rst century presidency of the United States has become. DS

Hillary Clinton woos man who nearly ruined her husband - Guardian
Abstract: A decade ago, the internet journalist Matt Drudge was very nearly Bill Clinton's ruin, after leaking the story of his affair with Monica Lewinsky. These days, Drudge is one of Hillary Clinton's best kept secrets. During the presidential campaign, the Drudge Report, once known as the scourge of Democrats, has betrayed a surprisingly soft side for the woman previously viewed by diehard Republicans as the mother of all that is liberal and permissive in America. When Ms Clinton had a coughing fit during a speech in New Orleans last summer, Drudge reacted with genuine concern, telling listeners to his Miami radio show: "Hillary dear, take care of yourself. We need you," according to New York magazine. On another occasion, he confessed: "I need Hillary Clinton. I need to be part of her world. That's my bank." Yesterday, it emerged that the caring went two ways. The New York Times reported that the Clinton campaign had grown adept at using the Drudge Report to leak news that could steal the thunder from rivals, or to solidify her position as the frontrunner for the Democratic party's presidential nomination for next year. (...) Aside from the bond with Drudge, however, her relationship with the media has remained frosty. In the early primary states of New Hampshire and Iowa, she has reportedly permitted just one unscripted press conference since announcing her campaign last January. Other candidates routinely have two or even three such media "availabilities" a day. Ms Clinton's events typically also allow less time for questions from the audience than the other Republican and Democratic contenders. At an event in New Hampton, Iowa earlier this month, she was obliged to apologise to a man she accused of asking questions planted by her opponents. "She is one of the most isolated candidates in modern American history. Everything is stage-managed," said Larry Sabato, a politics professor at the University of Virginia. READ IT ALL

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