Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Israel needs Monty Python to do them justice

Israel confirmed Tuesday it is building a new road for Palestinians in the West Bank, prompting charges an increasingly separate road system is meant to seal Israeli control over a swath of land near Jerusalem as the sides try to revive peace talks. Meanwhile, Israeli troops shot and killed a Palestinian militant early Wednesday during a raid on a West Bank town, Palestinians said. Israel has said the 10-mile road will help connect Palestinian communities that would otherwise be cut off by a loop of the Israeli separation barrier that is intended to reach deep into the West Bank. Palestinian and Israeli critics accused Israel's government of creating "facts on the ground" before peace talks and said it was undermining trust. Associated Press
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I think that only Monty Python could make the definitive film about Israel and the "peace process". Only their eye for mendacity and senseless cruelty covered with unctuous hypocrisy could do this never ending nightmare justice. DS


Anonymous said...

Frankly I am not sure anyone would enjoy what Python would do with Israel. Far from pointing to the violence, they would probobly point to the property scam.
IE US taxpayers giving money to the Israeli govt that promptly build these colonies, and give free houses to Russian 'jews' (note the small j) and other Eurocentric anti-Americans, many of whom are currently thanking zionism by running back to mother Russia to take advantage of the improving lifestyle there.

Quite laughable really, and certainly somthing I can imagine Terry Jones giggling about in front of a camera.
This would show us that far from religious ferver, zionism is like any other form of imperialism, is economic in nature. Then you can do the worst thing of all, and cast Israel then as the Romans, destroying literally Jerusalem all over again, eventually probobly even destroying the current House of God on the mount, based not in Ceaseria but in Tel Aviv, just like the Roman 'outsiders' (if any race living on the Med can be outside) did.
History repeating? Certainly.

Anonymous said...

I think yhr 'Otto the Zionist-Nazi' says it all.It goes both ways.You can oither chose the variant of an SS suicide squad which is lame and stupid,or go deeper and see that it's actually mocking Zionism.Not sure,but if you remember the brits never had much love for the jews.They opposed the creation of a jewish state and during the 19th century were fervently opposed to them.Unlike brainwashed america.Britain still retains a sense of proportion