Monday, February 25, 2008

But seriously folks.. Kosovo

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Instead of ranting about Obama, today I'd like to comment briefly on something serious: Kosovo. It's something I've been avoiding, because it's a touchy subject here in Spain: Spaniards are outraged at the United States violating Serbia's sovereignty as it might set a bad example for the separatist movements in Catalonia and the Spanish Basque country.

Personally, I don't think the Spaniards really have that much to worry about, as I cannot imagine the Catalans resigning themselves to never seeing Barça and Real Madrid play against each other again, except maybe, by chance, once or twice a decade, in the Champion's League.

Athletic Club Bilbao, never gets to Champions and so they would never ever play Madrid again. I just can't imagine that happening. However, as it makes my Spanish friends very nervous, I have avoided the subject.

The people who are really nervous, and with reason are the Israelis. The Kosovo precedent is directly applicable to the "Occupied Territories"... even more so as, in contrast to Serbia in Kosovo, Israel's sovereignty over the West Bank has never been officially recognized by anyone.

Right wing Israeli commentator Caroline Glick who is solidly aligned with the American neocons had this to say in the Jerusalem Post:
The emergence of a potentially destabilizing state in Kosovo is clearly an instance of political interests trumping law. Under international law, Kosovo has no right to be considered a sovereign state. Even UN Security Council Resolution 1244 from 1999, which the KLA claims provides the legal basis for Kosovar sovereignty, explicitly recognizes Serbian sovereignty over Kosovo. For Israel, Kosovo's US-backed declaration of independence should be a source of alarm great enough to require a rethinking of foreign policy. Unfortunately, rather than understand and implement the lessons of Kosovo, the Olmert-Livni-Barak government is working actively to ensure that they are reenacted in the international community's treatment of Israel and the Palestinians. Today, Israel is enabling the Palestinians to set the political and legal conditions for the establishment of an internationally recognized state of Palestine that will be at war with Israel.
And in the English edition of the semi-official Egyptian news paper Al-Ahram John Whitbeck wrote:
American and EU impatience to sever a portion of a UN member state (universally recognised, even by them, to constitute a portion of that state's sovereign territory), ostensibly because 90 per cent of those living in that portion support separation, contrasts starkly with the unlimited patience of the US and the EU when it comes to ending the 40-year-long belligerent Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (no portion of which any country recognises as Israel's sovereign territory and as to which Israel has only asserted sovereignty over a tiny portion, occupied East Jerusalem). Virtually every legal resident of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip seeks freedom, and has for over 40 years. For doing so, they are punished, sanctioned, besieged, humiliated and, day after endless day, killed by those who claim to stand on the moral high ground.(...) Of course, to prevent the US and the EU from treating such an initiative as a joke, there would have to be a significant and explicit consequence if they were to do so. The consequence would be the end of the "two-state" illusion. The Palestinian leadership would make clear that if the US and the EU, having just recognised a second Albanian state on the sovereign territory of a UN member state, will not now recognise a Palestinian state on a tiny portion of the occupied Palestinian homeland, it will dissolve the Palestinian Authority (which, legally, should have ceased to exist in 1999, at the end of the five-year "interim period" under the Oslo Accords) and the Palestinian people will thereafter seek justice and freedom through democracy, through the persistent, non-violent pursuit of full rights of citizenship in a single state in all of Israel/Palestine, free of any discrimination based on race and religion and with equal rights for all who reside there.
And not only the Israeli ultra-ultras are in a panic. Here is Bradley Burston in Haaretz:
The Palestinians have kept their ultimate doomsday weapon under tight wraps for 40 years. Israel knew about it. Israelis senior commanders could only pray that the Palestinians would never take it out and put it to actual use. Every Israeli soldier who served in Gaza knew about it, and also knew the hollowness in the declarations of IDF brass that "The army will now how to deal with it, should it happen." In all of Israel's vast arsenal of defense hardware and technology, there is nothing that can effectively counter it. That is what makes it a weapon so powerful we dare not speak its name: non-violence.(...) At the back of the minds of Israeli statesmen, diplomats, police officials, and defense planners, was an awareness that the true power of the Palestinians had nothing to do with stone-throwing, Molotov cocktails, grenade attacks, knifings, suicide bombings, assault rifle drive-by's, or Qassam rocket barrages. They knew that the true power of the Palestinians to damage Israel also had nothing to do with incitement, institutional anti-Semitism in schools, or declarations of revolution until victory and the ultimate replacement of the Jewish state by an independent Palestine. The true power of the Palestinians, the bottom-line dread of the Israelis, was embodied in only four words: Get up and walk. The theory - expounded by Palestinian moderates for year after year, supported by Israeli leftists - was that a determinedly peaceful demonstration in which thousands and thousands and still more thousands of Gazans headed for the Israeli border, would do more for the cause of Palestinian independence and freedom that all the gratuitous violence of the last 40 years of armed struggle combined.
Why the United States would choose to do something with such potentially perilous effects on Israel at this precise moment is an interesting question. I cannot answer it. Is anyone else asking it? DS


Anonymous said...

If the Palestinians ever declared "independence" it would mean full scale genocide starts that hour as then the Zionists would be fighting against another "state" no matter how unfit for life these little Absurdistans are.

Kosovo only serves to establish another islamist and mafia state and to divide Europe. They are getting the reward for burning churches and massacring civilians. It's another Saudi/USA joint operation against democracy, law and order.

David Seaton's Newslinks said...

"another Saudi/USA joint operation against democracy, law and order
That's a new one, what's the other?

Anonymous said...

Like Iraq, for example? Did you ever hear the Saudis complain about the hell in their neighbour country?

The Saudi 'kingdom' has been a joint venture between USA big oil and these Royals from the start. Saudi Arabia is the good colonial model. Osama BL is nothing more than the rightwing Saudi internal opposition, the lefties weren't such fighters and are dead and buried.

Now if you're looking for the Saudi/US money just look for the wahhabi mosques in Kosovo mafia republic.

Anonymous said...

The Palestinians need to emulaate Martin Luther King and "get up and walk." Every single Palestinian should walk together to the borders and demand to be treated as equals.

Diane Mason said...

The Palestinians need to emulate Martin Luther King and "get up and walk." Every single Palestinian should walk together to the borders and demand to be treated as equals.

And Israel would shoot every last one of them without a second thought, and no-one would lift a finger to stop them.

I heard Desmond Tutu asked once why black South Africans had never renounced violence and pursued independence through a Martin Luther King-type strategy of non-violence. His answer was that King was able to do what he did because of the context in which he operated. No matter how bad the bigotry, he operated in a country that claimed as its governing creed, "we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal" - no matter how imperfectly that equality had been expressed in real life.

In contrast, the South African regime didn't believe that all men were created equal. Their creed was that one ethnic group was inherently superior, and that this institutional superiority was ordained by God, who had put them in that land and wanted them to rule over it, no matter how many they had to kill to keep the "lesser" people living under minority, sectarian rule.

Which sounds more like Zionism's outlook?

I'm not saying that a military option helps Palestinians, but that civil rights in the US required more than getting up and walking, and so will Palestinian independence. Just as Kosovo independence required more than just a declaration of independence; it required a declaration of independence AND a willingness by the some of the most powerful nations on earth to recognize that independence.

Palestinians too need that "something else"; and I think that "something else" might be the end of the US' obstructionist role in resolving the conflict. I don't know whether the US will voluntarily cease to be a road block because it realizes the cost of continuing to act against its own national interests, or whether it will simply lose its ability to dominate the I/P conflict because of its general decline in international status and relevance. (Probably the latter). But I'm sure it will happen.