Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gore solution or gore solution

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I am beginning to think the battle between Hillary and Obama is going to get so rough and so ugly and end up in a tie running into a brokered convention, so foul and so sordid, that both candidates will be on life support by then as far as the general public is concerned.

At that time something will have to done to put that fight to an end and bury all the bodies, which will stink by August.

Probably the only solution would be a movement to draft Al Gore. In contrast to either Hillary or Obama I think he could defeat McCain handily. A Gore-Edwards ticket would certainly have my vote and I'm sure it would make America forget the Democratic primaries. DS


Anonymous said...

Why won't the two preppies just team up? Obama can be the "good conscience" veep etc...

Anonymous said...

This really should have been the Democrats in a (sorry) cakewalk.

Why couldn't they have gotten together and offered up someone like Biden? Someone tested, vetted, and experienced. Or any number of other viable candidates.

Instead, they chose to go the way of identity politics. This is what has driven many white men away from the Democratic party. I had thought they got over this in 2006, but I was bitterly disappointed.

I'm against the war in Iraq, I favor single-payer healthcare, I believe in raising taxes on the rich.

I also am against same-sex marriage, believe in judging an individual on merit rather than race or gender, favor strict border controls, and believe that the West needs to stand up to Islamic terrorism. So sue me. Those are my beliefs. Millions of Americans share them, and we won't be browbeaten into not believing them by some pseudo-pundit.

Of all the candidates, John McCain comes closest to my convictions. He's not perfect but no candidate it. I don't give a rat's ass about the conservative screamers. I don't care if they are on board or if they aren't. They mean nothing to me.

Another thing about McCain: he's the only real person in this race. His experience as a POW will count. The race is about authenticity as much as ideas, as Romney's failure proves.

If you look at the numbers of who has been voting in the Democratic party, you will see that it is overwhelmingly weighted towards women and racial minorities:

Well, wait until the General, when the numbers change.

I'm not voting for Obama, or Clinton. Not in a million years.

kalsang said...

Oh you are can you dangle the vision of a sane, committed duo of Gore and Edwards before us, even in jest? You know it's impossible. It's salt in the wound to even imagine such a parallel reality.
Darth Nadar declared today that he would run. Oh cruel world. I have begun to wonder if the Democrats, incredibly, are going to lose again. In which case, soon after, I think I will invoke the privilege of my EU passport, even though, in these times, there is nowhere to run--we will all either sink or swim together. Which is, once again, why we need sanity and commitment in America.