Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Another clarification

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I think another teeny, little clarification is in order.

I favor the Republicans this year, because I want them to be left holding the bag.

From a geopolitical point of view, the last couple of years have been like the run up of a roller coaster: You know, the TOCK... TOCK... TOCK...... TOCK that comes just before the wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

All this has been building up for a long time and it not just George W. Bush, Bill Clinton was also a lousy foreign policy president and a lot of what is happening with Russia and with Israel/Palestine today is his fault... we are talking about sixteen straight years of bad decisions and bad policy, which are now coming to a head.

The next four years, whoever is in charge, lots of the chickens will hatch or come home to roost and much of the shit will hit the fan, the mortgage will be foreclosed, or any other metaphor that describes for you the ripening of poisonous fruit. It is very possible that NATO will break up, Mexico may collapse and its entire middle class move north and that even the Israelis may end up looking for a new best friend.

Whoever is in charge is going to get blamed for it all.

Even if Obama were half the statesman his supporters think he is, which he most certainly isn't, there is practically nothing that he could do by now to dodge all these coming disasters and humiliations; they have been built to last with loving care over some time.

Whoever it is, it's going to be "They lost Iraq... They lost Afghanistan ...they lost the Ukraine... They lost the Baltic republics ... They lost Mexico"... Maybe even, "they lost Israel". Frankly I would prefer that the Republicans carried that end of empire can around their neck for all time and not the Democrats... as richly deserving as they might be. Four more years might just get it. It will be good for the world and even better for the USA... in the long run, but the voters won't like it one bit. So I hope for their sake, but especially for the sake of America's working people that the Dems lose this one.

The reason being that sooner or later there is going to have be some serious social legislation passed in the USA: bread and butter stuff like free day care centers for single working mothers with tiny children and huge drug rehab programs to empty the prison system... stuff like that... Might have to sell Abu Dhabi a carrier battle group to pay for it all. The Republicans are never going to do any of those things and if the Democrats are left holding the bag for the collapse of America's empire, then those things are never going to get done... ever.

So I'm rooting for crazy old John and the beautiful Sarah... they'll do fine for madly paddling as the canoe goes over the dam. DS


elgreco said...

I agree with you there David, but I remember thinking exactly the same thing when Bush was up for reelection. This type of logic is flawed in a very obvious sense.
I can only hope that future generations (if there are any) will be as mystified as I am that the American people would even consider a third Republican ticket. (let alone not sending GWBush to be tried in international court)

Welcome back to the real world, hope you had a nice rest.


David Seaton's Newslinks said...

So far the my formula of electing crazy Republicans is working ok.
If you consider that the most dangerous and destabilizing thing in the world is American imperialism, then my master plan is going very well.ahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha (cough)ha

JTB LA said...

Hi David:
You make a persuasive case (and glad to see you back), except I remember talking to a lot of people in 2000 who assured me that Bush was going to be a one-termer, and we saw how that worked out. No way we are in Iraq etc. if Gore was elected.

I am no big fan of Obama and realize that any changes for the better will be incremental, but these days it's about all we can hope for since this myth of the people rising up and demanding a fair shake is just that ... a myth.

Anonymous said...

My God! Have you finally lost all sense of decency?

Yes we have. And you can expect it to get much worse. The American electorate has sold out to the talking heads. There will be no mystified or puzzled looks over any of this crap. Ever. The American Taliban has found its messiah in the perfect icon. A neoconservative white woman with the most shallow of resumes. The one issue voters are in a state of rapture and will not be denied.

There will be another war fought by an army of last resort, [no jobs except the one carrying a gun]. There will be no health care except the ER, and for sure there will be more tax breaks for the wealthy.

Some will finally wake up to the screwing they will/are receiving, but most will be too busy working the second or third job in order to support their illegitimate offspring. [Do as I do]. And the "Patriot Act" will take care of the ones who might do anything foolish.

The only bag the Rethuglicans will be holding in January, is the one with the money in it.

Hey! This stuff writes itself. Can I get an Amen?

forensic economist said...

One aspect of the clusterfuck coming for whoever is elected:

I recommend Mish Shedlock's blog. He recently posted some comments on the Big Three car makers. All their debt is now rated below investment grade. Chrysler is junk rated (Caa). There is discussion of bankruptcy. All are asking for government loans.

His bottom line: "Without government (taxpayer) bailouts, these companies simply cannot survive."