Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Did Jacko get whacked?

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I was chatting with a Spanish banker friend, a man with lots of dealings in Latin America and the conversation turned to Michael Jackson. He said something interesting.

"I'm not saying he was murdered, but his dying is going to make things a lot simpler for a lot of people" he said.

"How so?" I asked.

"Well, apparently he was deeply in debt, but if you look his finances over you can see that his realizable assets far outweigh those debts." he said.

"So where is the problem?" I asked.

"Well" my friend took a deep breath, "it seems that not only was he justifiably paranoiac, because with reason, he hasn't been able to trust a single person in his entire life... especially his family; to top it off, they say he is very canny in his business dealings, very good at reading contracts and so on, so even if wasn't bat shit crazy, which he was, he would have been difficult to deal with... being crazy to boot, makes trying to collect from him like having root canal work done without anesthetic."


"With him dead, it's going to be easy to finally collect. Even if there is a huge battle over the inheritance, whoever finally gets the loot is going to want to settle the debts right away and then take the money and run".

"So somebody had him killed?" I asked.

"I'm not saying that, but there are a lot of people who are going to save a lot of time, money and aggravation, with him dead. The world is filled with people who will have you killed professionally for only small quantities just to send a message... imagine what happens or can happen when millions of dollars are at stake in the hands of a nut."

That's what the man said... it makes sense to me. DS


Forensic economist said...

I really doubt it. The assets will likely be tied up for years to come; not a chance that an heir or creditor would want to take.

Jacko had Neverland foreclosed on which would suggest that his business acumen was no better than say Ed McMahon's (who also had his property foreclosed on). I am told he had higher creative control of his videos and music than many other artists.

Ishmael Reed's thought on Jackson:

Basically the charges of pedophilia were mostly a scam by family that had run frauds on others before targetting Jackson. The tabloid media ate it up.

David Seaton's Newslinks said...

Actually, I've never been interested in Jackson at all. However, a couple of days ago visiting Vanity Fair, I stumbled on a series of articles about him and I was amazed at how sordid it all was... and the amounts of money in play. It was commenting on all of that with my banker friend that his theory came out. The USA is getting amazingly grotesque. The scene around Jackson reminds me of Terry Southern's old book, "The Magic Christian", where an eccentric millionaire fills a swimming pool with pig shit and then covers it all with a carpet of five pound notes and people are diving in trying to collect all the money. That is about the best description of the atmosphere around Jacko. I suggest reading it.

Anonymous said...

omg all parts fit! it's gotta be true!!

Anonymous said...

Jackson wasnt a pedophile, he was just batshit crazy. The guy really thought he was 9 years old. Read the Psych report the LAPD did on him during the first accusations of child abuse. I dont know if Smoking Gun still has it up, but that's where I read it. My take was always that Jackson really was involved in extremely inappropriate, possibly criminal behavior. And the families cashed in.

I know he looked like a prepubescent Martian, but the guy was atleast in his late 50's right? Probably under alot of stress too. A cardiac would make sense. That would be the simplest explanation that would usually be correct.

As for the money, even if you sold his assets and the rights to his songs, would that still cover his debts? I'm asking because I'd like to know.


forensic economist said...

AP is reporting $300,000,000 in debt and $575,000,000 in assets. Economist was estimating that the market value of the assets may be more than double that number. Other estimates of debt range up to $500,000,000.

Apparently while Neverland was taken over by a creditor, it was then taken over by a joint venture half of which was Jackson - so he retained control of it. Smarat guy.

John said...

Wall Street's Gaze?