Monday, June 01, 2009

Dr. Tiller or why search the world for Taliban, when they grow wild at home?

The medium is the message


Debra J.M. Smith said...

Obama said, "However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence." --If Obama only cared that much about the countless babies who died at the hands of that abortionist...

A family member said, "Today we mourn the loss of our husband, father and grandfather. Today's event is an unspeakable tragedy for all of us and for George's friends and patients. This is particularly heart wrenching because George was shot down in his house of worship, a place of peace." Wow, how about the wombs that all of those babies were in? The womb is supposed to be a safe place of peace for a baby. But that monster would intrude and kill each one of them, with no remorse.

And I do not feel sorry for a family who loved a murderer. And I sure do NOT feel sorry for a church that had no problem allowing a murderer to attend.

Debra J.M. Smith

David Seaton's Newslinks said...

I just published Ms. Smith's, murderous, hypocritical and thoroughly disgusting little letter because it proves the point of my post. Why are we fighting Afghanistan's Taliban, when we have our hands full fighting our own?

bailey said...

This incident leaves me sad beyond belief.

Strangely enough, I now domicile in one of the 3 countries out of 27 in the EU that doesn't allow abortions...

Grazie mille Signore Seatoni,
Danke schön Herr von Seaton.
Merci M. Seaton.

Anonymous said...

The American media keeps on about the issue of abortion. Abortion isn't the issue here. Abortion jihadist supporters like Ms. Smith are not discussed as terrorists. Bill O'Reilly inciting violence is o.k. too. Terorism domestic style is the issue.

4 doctors have been killed. The clinic in Kansas was bombed. The doctor was shot in both arms prevously and then last week he was assassinated by someone who values life in the womb but doesn't mind murdering those outside the womb that he disagrees with. Dr. Tiller was murdered while attending services in his church.

This is pro life. Not in my mind. This is pro murder and anti life.

And yet Randall Terry can get on television and state that the murder of Dr. Tiller was basically o.k. Apparently the only lives Ms. Smith values is the life inside the womb. Once outside it's o.k. to shoot and kill human beings with whom you disagree.