Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wikileaks: has anybody given a thought about Iraq itself?

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In all the comments on Wikileak's Iraq revelations I've read, I haven't seen much of anything about their effect on Iraq and the Iraqis. 

This seems strange to me, because from beginning to end the real victims of everything we've done are the Iraqis themselves and it isn't as if the revelations of death and torture are going to be news to them.

What all the documents that Julian Assange has released  are sure to do is lead to many more deaths and much more torture.


As I remember Iraqi society is clan and tribally based, where avenging the death of any member of the tribe is the business of all his relatives. So it appears to me that Wikileaks has just made available much more detailed information about exactly who killed who, where and how... lots of dates, lots of names and this will probably lead to endless new vendettas, besides complicating even more the Iraqis effort to finally form a government after some six months of trying.

Which leads me to my final question: will the curse of us and our concerns about us ever be lifted from the people of Iraq? Will we ever stop fucking these poor people over? DS


oldfatherwilliam said...

It seems clear to me at least that the original and current intentions were and are to establish an unchallengable Protectorate atop the oil. The opposition(s) subdued and a compliant thuggery in place, our garrison established, we've accomplished what was wished for. Iraquis may now deal with each other as they always have. If it merely roils and the explosions are muted,I think we'll hear less and less about it.

Jaņdžs said...

I agree with Rene Girard, the French thinker, that the world today is in a "sacrificial crisis". I understand this to mean that we (the civilization of today) will not sacrifice ourselves to straighten out the mess we have caused, which is why we kill people beyond Western borders to put off the day of our when death will recon with us. Yes, again.

Still, for how long can the violence of 2 billion haves suppress the 5 billion not-haves?

Nato's Rasmussen thinks that Gorby sucks (see recent news). The more important question however is: who does Rasmussen suck? Incidentally, Jesus is still safely locked away in heaven, so no earthly Johns are likely to come interfere with the blood-blessed work of Nato.