Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chris Hedges: impossible to tell more truths better and in less time

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Since I live under a rock, Chris Hedges was completely off my radar, but I can't remember hearing more truths in 27 minutes in my whole life than those contained in this video. I find it especially interesting that a graduate of Harvard Divinity School should be a war correspondent. To have been good enough at it to become a bureau chief of the New York Times and then get canned for denouncing the invasion of Iraq is to have achieved a rare perfection. He seems to me a worthy successor to Noam Chomsky (may he live a hundred years). DS

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cmaukonen said...

David I love this and have also watched the interview with Michael Moore and the talk he gave to Occupy Harvard.

Though I don't think he went quite far enough. I would also like to see for profit banking and for profit media smashed as well.

But I am afraid that Hedges is not that liked by many so called progressives as he is very good at gently (and not so gently) crushing their illusions and delusions as well.