Monday, December 12, 2011

Russia: be careful what you wish for

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I think one should always be careful what one wishes for.. We've already seen it ourselves, how all the a la page Egyptian bloggers and tweeters and facebookies simply opened the door for the Islamists. 
Think about it for a moment.... What is the biggest party in Russia opposing Putin?
The Communist Party, right?
If you were Russian and angry about what so much of the developed world is angry about today: growing social and income inequality... who are the natural ones in Russia to address that issue directly?
The Communist Party, right?
If you were a Russian nostalgic for a glorious, triumphal past, who represents that in Russia?
The Communist Party, right?
If you simply found yourself as a Russian, impoverished, with an absurd pension and no medical care... who you gonna call?
The Communist Party, right?
And if a revolution/rebellion destabilized the present power structures in Russia, who are trained from infancy to relish and exploit such a situation, to become the "vanguard" of such a situation?
The Communist Party, right?
History is a laugh riot, when you think about it. DS

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Alex said...

You are wrong. Things can't be worse in Russia. See my blog