Sunday, April 29, 2012

Obama vs. Romney: a message to would be leftists

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There are many contradictions in the process of development of a complex thing, and one of them is necessarily the principal contradiction whose existence and development determine or influence the existence and development of the other contradictions. Mao Tse Tung
To reject compromises “on principle,” to reject the permissibility of compromises in general, no matter of what kind, is childishness.  Lenin, Left-Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder
I separate the presidential elections from my own personal “druthers”. I would recommend to those who consider themselves “lefter than thou” that they read none other than Mao Tse Tung’s, “on contradiction"… (it’s about “priorities”).

Addressing this question, I begin with some simple facts.
  1. There is going to be an election
  2. The winner will either be a Republican or a Democrat
  3. The winner will get to choose the person or persons to occupy any new vacancies in the Supreme Court, which in its present form, with its ruling on the “humanity” of corporations, has effected a de facto coup d’etat. Unless this ruling is changed,  democratic politics in America will be fatally and permanently corrupted. Democracy will have become a permanent contest among billionaires. At last count there were more ultra-conservative billionaires than progressive billionaires.
  4. One could make an endless list, but they mostly look like number “3″. DS


Anonymous said...

Why quote dictators for a Baracquiescent apology? Rather, dispense with the Obamendacity entirely and efficaciously endorse; then roll out the bandwagon for
an Anderson/Justice and/or Green/Stein ticket!

David Seaton's Newslinks said...

Anderson/Justice and/or Green/Stein are going to win and make Supreme Court appointments? Because, believe me, that is the whole ballgame.

Anonymous said...

David, I admire that you remain optimistic enough to truly believe that the trajectory can be reversed; I do not. It is too late.

stunted said...

I didn't realize being lefter than thou was something to aspire to.