Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Steve Jobs: the metaphor

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Steve Jobs
There is virtually no debate about the best treatment. “It has long been held that surgery can lead to very long-term survival,” says Kim. (...) Despite the expert consensus on the value of surgery, Jobs did not elect it right away. He reportedly spent nine months on “alternative therapies,” including what Fortune called “a special diet.”  Daily Beast
It occurs to me that Steve Jobs is not only the most admired American of his generation, he is also a perfect metaphor to describe the era we live in.
He is universally acknowledged to be the undisputed master of our epoch's dominating and defining skill, which is turning science into money. 
The creator of some of history's most seductive tools and toys.
Jobs was a visionary in this area, shrewd, obsessive with detail and a master of integrated systems, strategy and communication. 
The lord of all he surveyed.
But as we can see from text quoted above, he was also a fool, sensu strictu
This combination of technical and commercial perfection combined with a lack of elementary common sense is what makes him the perfect metaphor for America today... with the rest of the world tagging along. DS

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