Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11... on the record

”fae ghosties & ghoulies & lang-legged beasties & things that go bump in the nicht...guid lord, deliver us” (traditional scottish prayer)
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Today is the anniversary... a time to remember where you were, and what happened that day.
September eleventh, 2001, at 9AM, Madrid time, I was in a meeting at an energy brokerage, a customer of mine, with other content-providers for their website... I was in the throes of channeling a Celtic, "second sight" attack that I had awakened with that morning... You may or may not remember (you might be excused for forgetting) that the Palestinian Intifada had reached its peak then and was at unbearable levels of tension... My feeling that Spanish morning (middle of the night EST) was that something had to give, that something big was going to happen, something which would radically change the energy market, (at the very least), a feeling that I communicated to others at the meeting. I received several phone calls on this during the afternoon.
Early that afternoon I was shopping in a huge Madrid department store, when passing the TV section, I noticed a group of people standing around a big demo-tv set... The first plane had just hit the first tower... I stood watching the live broadcast... a tiny, Central American Indian, immigrant standing beside me muttered to himself, "¡es la guerra!", "it's war". "¿Contra quién?" I said to myself, "against whom?"... It turned out to be against Iraq. Iraq?
One thing for sure, everybody forgot about the Palestinians and their Intifada and till this day they are still forgotten... unintended consequences? Who knows?
Today, September 11th, 2012 I have also awakened with another Celtic-whim-wham-juju, and I just want to get on record with it... I have the feeling that China is going to go all funny, to the extent that we will be led to question all the received truths, doctrines of faith and preconceptions about globalization that guide all our planning at the moment. My "insight" is no clearer than that.
I have no clear idea of what form this "going all funny" will take, only that I pick up the same accumulations of errant variables that set me off back in 2001. DS

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Anonymous said...

David, I, too, awoke yesterday with an intense feeling of dread, as if something was going to happen that I wouldn't like. Living on the edges of financial security, of course I thought it would be something like that. But I went to my class and was with old friends in the afternoon and was able to escape the mood. I awoke this morning to the news of the events in Egypt and Libya. My dread of doom has morphed into the reality of disaster. It seems to be the way we are living these days.