Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mitt Romney or "Class Struggle for Dummies"


We thought Romney was secretly moderate, but it turns out that he’s secretly cruel, a social Darwinist just like his running mate. Maureen Dowd - New York Times

What these comments definitely tell us, though, is what Mitt Romney, master consultant, feels his “clients” in the Republican donor base want to be told about this election and what will inspire them to dig deep and give freely to his cause. Assuming those instincts are correct, his comments help illuminate the way many well-off Americans feel about their less-fortunate fellow countrymen – and it isn’t a pretty thing to see. Ross Douthat - New York Times
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My opinion of Romney is somewhere between Maureen Dowd's and Ross Douthat's. Like Maureen, I have no doubt that Romney is a cold hearted Darwinist and like Douthat I think Romney will say almost anything he thinks his audience would like to hear. I can well imagine him extolling the benefits of "boy love" to a group of well-heeled pedophiles.
So I think the real lesson is that Willard-Mitt's audience that day were truly cruel, social Darwinists and that Mitt is anywhere the wind blows. Personally a jerk, but that wouldn't mean very much... anywhere but in the White House, with the button for unleashing an atomic holocaust in his hands.
As to the 47% that Mitt dismisses-pisses on, they sure aren't parasites, they are fellow countrymen and women... and children. And no they don't think they are victims... although in fact they are victims (see illustration).
Someday this 47% may wake up and change things, but till then, keeping Mitt Romney and all who sail in him out of the White House, out of the House of Representatives and out of the Senate and the Supreme Court will have to do. DS

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OMG, I haven't seen that pyramid in years! Now I'm wondering what happened to my grandfather's print... Thanks.