Thursday, April 11, 2013


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Margaret Thatcher
My private theory of Margaret Thatcher is not as kind as most of the opinions expressed in the media. Cutting to the chase. I believe that British industry (Britain "invented" industry and was once the "workshop of the world") if properly reformed and restructured could have easily rivaled Germany's and Japan's, giving Britain a powerful and balanced economy. And I believe that this was not done because Thatcher's primary objective in creating a financial and services economy was in fact to destroy the labor unions and that she did that not out of any rational calculation of the benefits that this would bring Britain, but rather out of the primitive, visceral, petit bourgeois, class hatred of a small shopkeeper's daughter.

Whew... That's better out than in. DS


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That's the best summary yet. Nice, concise and very plausible.

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Yes she even made more of a US vice president than would be expected of an English leader , her borrowed line 'the veneer of civilization is very thin ' skoke reams about her bully tactics .