Saturday, October 11, 2008

It is all very simple

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It is all very simple.

The economy is going belly up.

Many people are going to suffer... suffer a lot.

Every day that passes they will become more aware of how much they are going to suffer.

They are afraid today and they will be more afraid with each passing day.

Fear is the mother of anger.

Anger will grow stronger with each passing day as the gravity of the crisis sinks in.

Its normal target would be the Republicans, they have been in power for eight years. Although this catastrophe is not just something the Republicans have done by themselves, but rather is the product of a consensus of the entire American establishment, the meltdown has happened on the Republican watch and logically they should carry the can.

Their loss should be one of historic proportions, the ruin of dozens of careers. The ruin of hard men and hard women, people who have struggled hard to be where they are. It would be disingenuous to imagine that there is any limit to what they would do to avoid that ruin.

So, it is all very simple.

The only possible chance that the Republicans have of winning, the only possible chance, is to somehow redirect all this hysterical anger toward Barack Obama. To do this they must let all of America's demons off their leash.

That is what they are trying to do... and they can't stop.

To think that they might desist in this tactic is like asking a drowning man to stop treading water.

McCain himself might want to stop, and may try to stop this process as he realizes that through this loosing of the demons he may very well both lose the election and something else of great importance to him, his establishment credentials, his membership in polite society.

As much as you might dislike him John McCain is not Richard Milhous Nixon

But the ghost of Richard Nixon and the shadow of Willy Horton are walking the land and we can only witness what may turn out to be the most nauseating three weeks in American history.

It's all very simple. DS

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Anonymous said...

...except that for some of us, the fear will turn into a "Kristal Nacht".

Someone will have to pay, but you can bet that the Rethugs will try to redirect that anger to "Arabs", or other brown people.

And you are correct. I am afraid. Mostly for my grand kids. My fear is palpable. I hate the Masters of the Universe. The Old White/Wise Men whose greed and avarice has brought us to this precipice. The cowards that feed off the ignorance of the "We're number one" foam fingered cannon fodder.

I did not think that the end of Empire America would come in my life time.

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.