Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Uncle Sam has a talk with the family doctor (Friedmanesque fantasy)

It's unnerving when history becomes yours, when no one can tell you where the bottom is, or what life will be like after that bottom is reached. It's one of those moments when you discover why overused phrases -- I think here, for instance, of "through a glass darkly" -- were overused in the first place. Tom Engelhardt
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Uncle Sam sat in his family doctor's office as the kindly old physician gazed up from the test results and spoke to him in a concerned voice.

"Sam, I'll put it to you straight. You are anemic, you've got high blood pressure, an arrhythmic heart, high cholesterol and I don't like your blood sugar either."

Uncle Sam gulped and asked,
"What can I do Doc?"

"Sam" the doctor said, "if you don't stop mixing cocaine and Viagra, I'd say you have no more than six months left?

"B-b-b-but Doc", Sam stuttered, "I go for a ten mile run every day".

"Sam, if you don't take up something quiet like gardening and leave off the Viagra speedballs you are a dead duck."

"I guess I should see my Rabbi." Sam sighed.

"Are you Jewish?" the doctor asked.

"No" Sam replied, "but this is supposed to be a parody of Thomas Friedman, and he gets his Rabbi into nearly every column". DS

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