Thursday, March 22, 2007

Salvador Dali... gone fishin'

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My "trackers" inform me that I am getting quite a few hits from fans of Salvador Dali who stumble onto News Links while searching for images of the Catalan artist.

I published a post back in December with an image of Dali attached and for some reason it shows up on the second page of any Google Image search for the string, "salvador + dali". Googlologist will know why, the rest of must "go figure".

I heartily welcome these visitors as I believe the reason for choosing images and a shared visual taste are the solid beginnings of real affinity in many other areas too. So I hope that some of these visitors who come seeking images will stay to read the post and become regulars. Tracker statistics seem to bear this out. I would love to hear from News Links regulars who found this blog serendipitously.

Anyhow, today I decided to stick up another Dali classic, "The Persistence of Time", with the same harmless intention that one puts a worm on a hook... DS


Anansi said...

I found your blog via a link on another blog but can't remember what one. Regarding the Dali graphic in December, I copied it to my desktop at the time and periodically put it up again. Will do the same with the present image.

This is a must-read blog for me but the graphics are light years ahead of the ordinary and I appreciate that as well. Dali is apt for these times, as is Kafka. Does that put us into pre-chaos times?

David Seaton's Newslinks said...

Thank you!

kelly said...

An article in Spiegel led me to your blog, which I believe was also your first post here at "DSNL": "America and the Dollar Illusion".

Spiegel offers at the end of each article a link to "Technorati:Blogs discussing this story" - your blog appeared, linked to the above article.

Been hooked ever since, not only because of your choice of topics, your clarity and sarcasm, your honesty and humanness, but also because of your intro, feeling a bit of comradery being an ex-pat in "old" Europe as well. (Both being married to Germans doesn't hurt either)

David Seaton's Newslinks said...

Thank you mam. You are in fact the first reader of this blog. Congratulations?