Monday, March 12, 2007

Shamans clean up after Bush

Cakchiquel Capital City of IXIMCHE
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I think a flying squad of Native-American shamans should be flown everywhere in the world that Bush visits hereafter in order to perform these cleansing ceremonies.

In might be a good thing to station a permanent detail of Shamans in Washington to follow Bush's motorcades (at a discreet distance, of course) and keep cleansing those vibrations. It can't hurt and it might save the planet, who knows?

This is definitely an idea whose time has come. DS

Ruins to Be Cleansed Following Bush Visit - Der Spiegel
Abstract: A site close to the hearts of the indigenous Maya people of Guatemala is to be spiritually de-contaminated after a visit by US president George Bush. Mayan Indian priests in Guatemala have vowed to hold a cleansing ceremony following a Monday visit by US president George W. Bush to sacred ancient ruins. As part of his stopover in the tiny, Central American nation during a five-nation-tour of Latin America, Bush's itinerary has him visiting the Mayan ruins of Iximiche, some 50 kilometers west of Guatemala City. Native dances and a welcoming ceremony will greet the president when he arrives at the ruins of the former capital of the Kaqchikel Maya people. But after he leaves, Mayan leaders say that a special cleansing ceremony to restore peace and harmony will be necessary to remove negative energy left by Bush's visit. "We will burn incense, place flowers and water in the area where Bush has walked to clean out the bad energy," said Jorge Morales Toj, a Guatamalan youth leader. He added that Bush's visit to Iximiche treats the Mayan people as little more than a tourist attraction. Resentment in Guatemala against the United States remains high due to CIA support for the overthrow of a democratically-elected socialist government in 1954 and US support for Guatemalan military governments during the country's 1960-96 civil war -- a conflict that left about a quarter million people dead or missing. A scorched earth counter-insurgency campaign at the peak of the war saw US-backed troops destroy entire Mayan villages. READ IT ALL

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