Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Obama couldn't close the sale

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Barack Obama needed to finish off Hillary Clinton with solid victories in Ohio and Texas on Tuesday, but he couldn’t.

Hillary Clinton, like Javier Bardem’s character in “No Country for Old Men,” is not that easy to stop.

Obama'll probably regret it for the rest of his days.

By winning in Texas and Ohio, important states in any possible Democratic victory in November, Hillary Clinton proved that reports of her political death were much exaggerated.

Why did she win?

Hillary won in Texas and Ohio because there are a lot of lunch bucket, working class people, white and Mexican-American, in those states who trust that the Clintons will make things better for them in practical ways... because they have done it before.
In fact, if Obama's skin were of a different color, he probably wouldn't have gotten a single African-American vote running against a Clinton. The case is not really the candidates "experience", but the voters experiences of the candidates.

These are working people who are really worried about making ends meet in what looks like becoming very hard times, and as such they are not all that concerned about America having a "cool" image in the world, and neither do they wish very much to be "transformed" and "healed" as does the latte crowd.

This is a return of "It's the economy stupid!"

The Clintons have a proven record of delivering prosperity. That simple. This is certainly not rocket science. DS


Anonymous said...

Republicans voting for Clinton --

Apparently both Ohio and Texas have open primaries, meaning a Republican could vote for Hilary. Rush Limbaugh was exhorting his listeners to vote for Hilary on the grounds she would be easier to defeat, and the Republican nomination was all but over. So Clinton's only recent wins were due to tactical voting by Republicans.

For what it's worth, that was reported by Counterpunch.

Forensic econ

Anonymous said...

David, I love your blog, and took the time to see some of your movie 'montage' on another site and really enjoyed it. But seriously, you got it wrong when it comes to Obama. Clear your mind and start fresh. Listen to the guy. He is not just talk. He is not just a reincarnation of Kennedy, or a black 'preacher' without substance like the Hillary clan try to portray him. I can't comprehend how a person who follows world politics like you can't see that. Look what they threw at him. Some of it really ugly. He is still standing.
He really drives the people in a way I have never seen before. I think it is reasonable to assume that if anyone can beat Mcain and perhaps take the country on a different course it is him. The people have played it 'safe' with Bush(terrorism) let the people go out on a limb.
On a final note, anyone who understands the public sector would agree that the choice of a leader is important, but has little impact on the functioning of a country. What is important is the hope\aspirations that a president might give to the people of his country. And in this regards, Obama is the person for the job.


David Seaton's Newslinks said...

I am disturbed, even frightened by leaders who the masses with emotions. This disturbs me especially if it occurs in troubled times. The next few years promise to be very traumatic for the USA, no matter who is leading it, and when a charismatic, "piper of Hamlin" type gets in trouble his/her only defense is to raise the level of demagoguery. The direction these emotions take cannot be foreseen. We can see how this begins, but we cannot know how it will end.