Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A timely reprint

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I wrote the text below way back in November of 2006, forgive me for quoting myself, but I find it just as pertinent today... especially when I survey the three candidates that have risen to the top of no less than 300,000,000 people and have the nerve to offer to lead them in times like these.

This is what I mean when I say that Bush is not a cause, only a symptom.

History gives innumerable examples of fools and knaves, physical and mental degenerates, who find themselves ruling hereditary monarchies or inheriting a dictatorship from a murderous and suddenly deceased parent. This is not supposed to happen in a democracy or at least not happen twice: as the saying goes, "Fool me once, shame on -- shame on you. Fool me -- you can't get fooled again."

What is truly terrible and simply shameful and hopefully inexplicable is how a nation of 300M people, with strong democratic traditions, filled with universities and libraries, of legendary wealth and possibilities, could freely choose from among their enormous number a sinister, mean spirited fool and then seeing how he led them from disaster to disaster, choose him again.

The problem isn't Bush. The world is filled with knaves and fools. The question is how Bush got where he is and how got there again.

This is just as interesting a question as how an Austrian clochard and failed watercolorist once became the leader of Europe's most powerful country, the home of philosophers, poets, musicians and scientists.

It is a question that must be answered. So let's stop blaming Bush for being Bush and begin to blame the real culprits.

Who are the real culprits? If this is a democracy, we ourselves are, obviously. DS


Anonymous said...

It's frustrating. I'm no history major, and much of what I know is probably crap. But I do get to be among the hoi polloi occasionally.

If they do get some current events input, you can bet that Rush, or Bill O'Liely had first dibs on the fear monger sound bite.

I know I'm guilty of stereo typing.
But it's simple. Most folks do what's in front of them. And while they usually vote their pocket book you can be sure that the words black, terrorist, and freedom trump any economical musings.

No one ever lost money betting on the ignorance of the 'Mericans. Just look at what is popular on the tube. [Not the internets tubes]. Idol, Biggest loser, [irony? I think not]. Dancing w/the Stars.

Remember "that shining city on the hill?." Illusion. Always was. Fool me once...indeed.

David Seaton's Newslinks said...

I know it is just a typing error, but I love the "stereo typing", as two words, it is a first class surreal image.