Monday, March 17, 2008

Obama: a new beginning?

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William Faulkner defined the situation: "The past isn't dead; it isn't even past."

The past is always with us... to paraphrase Joe Louis, "we can run, but we can't hide."

The Indians (from India) put it in an even more graphic expression, "so the meal, so the flavor of the belch".

There is some idea going around that somehow, through Obama's divine grace, I suppose, we can miraculously put hundreds of years of history in the icebox and begin anew.

The Reverend Wright is the just the "flavor of the belch." DS


Anonymous said...

Karl Rove could not have done it any better: There is a "black man" running for president. Four more years: McSame.

Anonymous said...

The Rev. Wright strikes me as strangely effeminate.

One other thing in this sermon, the Rev. Wright says that Hillary has never had a cab pass by her in the night. There's a good reason, cab drivers (including black drivers) are afraid to pick up black males. The drivers know they could get shot, robbed or cheated out of the fare. It's not racism, Rev. Wright. It's simple risk analysis.