Thursday, July 03, 2008

The elephant in the room

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I have written reams about America and Israel's tragic folie à deux, which is slowly destroying the political health of the USA and may end up literally destroying Israel.

The other day I ran across the video I am showing above these lines.

It is a Dutch TV documentary about "The America, Israel, Public Affairs, Committee" (AIPAC). There is a running commentary in the Dutch language, but since in this version there are English subtitles of the Dutch commentary, and all of those interviewed are speaking in English, it is like watching a normal American "in depth" news piece

This documentary is about the most succinct and balanced exposition of the whole question that I have yet seen.

What is amazing is that something as balanced as this would be impossible to see in the USA.

Americans are always saying, "it's a free country", but believe me, I have experienced a very serious dictatorship (Franco's) and at least on the subject of the relations between Israel and the United States, America is in no way, "a free country".

I think with oil at $146 (today), that if Israel attacks Iran or if the United States attacks Iran at the behest of Israel and if that attack and the ensuing conflict pushes oil over $200 and that in turn brings on something bigger than just a normal recession, then there is going to be terrible social-cultural backlash against those responsible and that in turn will rend America's social fabric to shreds.

The knock on effects of such a backlash are difficult to imagine, but they would surely take the United States over some kind of edge and into a fall from grace and innocence from which it would never recover,
because somehow, as the Dutch film explains very well, since the 1970s America and Israel have become of one flesh, joined at the hip. I have even compared the relationship of The USA and Israel to that of Sinbad the Sailor and the Old Man of the Sea.

If you find the film as interesting as I do, I suggest passing the link along.

Here is the YouTube link. DS


Richard said...

That was a wonderful programme. Thanks. I'll be putting on my weblog: with a link to you of course.

telcontal said...

Nice documentary. Thanks for the link.

I recall watching 'Tony Judt' on Charlie Rose & thought it was a good interview.
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