Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sisyphus rests

Eleonore Weil

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This, barring unforeseen events, extremely unforeseen, will be my last post till the beginning of September. On Friday I will begin one of those month long, August vacations that southern Europe is famous for. I'm going up to the mountains to sleep and to read and to walk and to sleep some more.

I won't even read the papers except on weekends, however, I'll be going into a town to a cybercafé about once a week or so to check my mail and I'll moderate any comments here at the blog then. so, if you send any, be patient.

Going away for a month is something I look forward to as a columnist, but dread as a blogger.

As a columnist, I am glad to be relieved of the pressure of my weekly deadline, but as a blogger I feel like Sisyphus rolling my rock up the hill, building readership month after month, only to watch it roll back down the hill in August as many regular readers of News Links, finding nothing new posted, finally drift away... never to return (sniff). This is the story my tracker told me last year and I imagine it will be the same story this year too. So, in September I shall take up my rock and follow Sisyphus... again.

Therefore, to those of you regular readers who drift away, never to return, ciao, it was nice to have you, que te vaya bonito.

For those who do remember to return in September: thank you very much for your persistence and loyalty.

I decided that if there had to be just one set of images to last a whole month the best thing I could do would be to put up a little exhibition of my wife, Eleonore Weil's, latest work in Photoshop. She is a very experienced and talented artiste peintre and she has been working very hard recycling her world into this new medium, as she would like to try her hand at editorial and advertising illustration. I think her stuff is really good. You'll say I say that that's because I'm her husband, but believe me, it's more the other way around.

Who knows, among the summer visitors there might be someone who'd like to send some work her way and the rest of the visitors will get some eye candy.

Neat, huh? That's just a little sample of what she is doing.

Have a nice summer and I hope you'll find your way back to News Links in September. DS


Anonymous said...

What will I do with a whole month without my daily dose of Seaton? you nourish my brain more than anyone in the virtual world. I will look forward to your return! Enjoy your time off. Hasta pronto!

Buenos Aires

Stephanie said...

Thank you for the pictures and for your site, a recent discovery for me. Enjoy.

Mark said...

Enjoy your vacation Mr. Seaton. I look forward to future posts. Google Reader will let me know when you return. It seems I've become fascinated by a mind that can claim admiration for Al Gore and yet vote for McCain against Obama. WTF!? as the kids say. Besides, anyone that can weave World Cup commentary, Aesthetics and Progressive Politics into a single post bears watching. ;)

RC said...

Enjoy the vacation and thank Eleonore for the pix.

Anonymous said...

Wow now that is varied artwork...I could envision each as a book cover... have a great month of recuperation!

We're off for our "month" in September - got to take advantage of the off-season while the boy isn't in school yet! (And not to worry, I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Sorry - should have at least signed my name to that last post - Kelly

Kevin E. said...

Have a wonderful break, David--you've really earned it with so much independent thinking! (Which can be terribly tiring, as we all know....)

See you in September--all the best, Kevin

Anonymous said...

You know, it occurs to me that you complain about losing readers, but if you would just hearken back to the your American roots instead of taking a month long vacation like a Mediterranean/Gallic European you wouldnt lose them!

I dont agree with your Marxist views at all ("Social Democracy" or "Progressivism" or whatever you call it is for elitists and really gullible poor people), but I stiil like your style. Your take on Obama is not only perceptive, but hilarious! I enjoy your writing and have gained some trivial pursuit knowledge from it. I actually have been checking in since the beginning of the year, so I will stick around till September, and tell people whenever I am performing to go to see your blog.

Also, paintings #1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13, & 14 are awesome!

Adam Cook
South Carolina

Anonymous said...

With a little planning you could write posts on timeless topics and post them during your vacation and thus avoid having to re-start building a following of whom I am one.

Pardon the grammar but you get the idea.

Deb said...

Hope your vacation is wonderful. Looking forward to your return.