Thursday, November 16, 2006

The glorious nation of Kazakhstan should sue or spoof Israel - Robert Bridge -Financial Times

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There is a very interesting letter to the editor in the Financial Times from Robert Bridge, I've read it in the dead tree edition, but its electronic access is restricted. If you have access, here is the link. Please send me a copy to paste up, if you can get it. What it says in short is that:
"Given the Jewish people's extreme sensitivity about antisemitism in in any form, is it not bizarre that one of their own would 'document' a fictional "Running of the Jew" ceremony where antisemitism , according to a past national conference on Soviet Jewry at least, is "non-prevalent"?(...) Would a "Running of the Jew" ceremony in Berlin be too risqué for movie audiences? Yes, I think it would, but why pick on a historically tolerant society? I think Mr. Cohen should understand that any form of antisemitism is non-permissible - even in the hands of a Jew. Then and without irony Mr Cohen suggests in his film that homosexual Kazakhs must wear blue hats in public. However this is better than gays fared in Israel last week when their gay pride parade was canceled amid security concerns. It seems that the options open to the glorious nation of Kazakhstan are twofold: take Mr. Cohen to court and sue him for character assassination, not to mention possible economic damages, or take a Kazakh crew to Israel and produce its own spoof film."

Yeah it might be fun to take a camera into a café on Dizengoff and start a sing along of "throw the Arabush down the well". The skinny is that nothing bad happens to anybody in Kazakhstan because of their ethnic or religious origins and in Israel Arabs and non-Jews in general are legally discriminated against. I think Israel is begging for some Borat to visit it and investigate the attitudes and foibles of its population. What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. DS


Gary Sugar said...

is it not bizarre that one of their own...

I think Israel is begging for some Borat to visit it and investigate the attitudes and foibles of its population.

One of their own? Cohen is British, not Israeli or even American. Moreover, he's not a spokesman even for British Jews, much less for Jews in general or Israelis.

I'm trying to think of a context when "one of their own" would not be a foolish formulation. But it's really dumb here.

Anonymous said...

The Zionists themselves use the term "the tribe", I think that would be a politically correct formula then.